Marketing trends

COVID-19 consumption changes: keep that brand light burning

One of the most fascinating aspects of this pandemic is that it has acted as a powerful accelerator. By this, I mean that it has accelerated changes that had already started in our society but were being pushed forward at a slow pace. Our new normal has caused most of us to immediately change our daily habits: there’s a surge in online shopping virgins jumping on the band wagon, a mass shift to working at home, and a rise in home cooking and creativity in meal-making, just to name a few. Change will always be daunting, however, this acceleration perspective provides a lot of hope and opportunity from the viewpoint of marketing.

Life after lockdown – how to market for the future

Does anyone else relate to this photo? (The hard work bit, rather than the great outdoors!) Life in lockdown is no easy feat – whether it’s juggling work and kids, clients and suppliers, or just trying to stay positive despite the uncertainty. But what about post-lockdown? Have you started working on a game plan for your business?

The best ways to lead your business through the Coronavirus

Our team behind the yellow door has always had a complicated relationship with social media. We use it as one of our main tools in content marketing, however, we recognise how all-consuming it can be in our lives. On one hand, we use it to inspire creativity, humour and engagement with our brand and our clients’ brands, and on the other, we force ourselves to switch off so that we can be present in our personal lives and connect to the people around us. For us it’s all about balance, and focusing on quality content.

The importance of mobile marketing in South Africa

Growing up in the digital age, I, like almost anyone else my age, can’t even begin to imagine life without my cell phone. They have changed the way that we think about communication and offer an abundance of information at our fingertips. We carry them around with us wherever we go, and although this may not be very good in terms of genuine human connection (not going to get started on that), it poses as a great opportunity for business.


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