During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, our team at Yellow Door was lucky enough to be able to work remotely and continue business almost as usual. Many other businesses were not so lucky. So, in an effort to help our community in a time of need, we decided to dedicate 21 hours in 21 days (the name of our campaign was a lot catchier when we thought we were only going to be in lockdown for 21 days!) to improve the websites and Instagram profiles of a few of our favourite brands, and one of our Instagram followers, during lockdown, on the house.

Our objective:

To give the selected brands the best chance at lockdown survival and generating new leads once it was over, we worked to improve the user experience on their websites, increase their fan base on social media and boost engagement with quality content. Our aim was to give these brands a second wind of motivation in a time when inspiration and momentum is easily lost.

What inspired us?

We wanted to help and guide these brands as a strategic marketing partner, in a way that set them up to continue our work on their own, by simply pointing them in the right direction. We thoroughly enjoyed this project on four brands in completely different industries. So, no matter which industry you operate in, you can get strategic input from our team at Yellow Door. We’re always up for a new challenge!

The brands we worked with:

Green Space Design & Landscaping

How we helped:

  • Audited the website to ensure that the site is user-friendly, consistent and mobile-friendly.
  • Edited new website copy to ensure that on-site SEO is up to scratch.
  • Created a new, clean, easy-to-read social media profile picture.
  • Provided social media content guidance to ensure that posts are captivating and relevant.
  • Drafted social media ads that were eye-catching and specified to Green Space’s target audience.
  • Created a tutorial on how to set up Facebook ads, as they are one of the most simple, yet effective, forms of advertising.
  • Set up a newsletter template and sent the first newsletter out. Newsletters are a great additional channel to connect with customers and keep them in the loop, regarding industry-relevant information.

Roots Natural Skin Health

How we helped:

  • Audited the website to ensure that the site is user-friendly, consistent, mobile-friendly, and SEO friendly.
  • Audited the social media profiles to ensure that content is engaging and relevant, and the target audience is well defined.
  • Set up a Google Hangout to discuss next steps and for easy remote communication in the future.
  • Upskilled the client to make changes based on audits to ensure that she is able to edit independently.

Cape Academy of Dance

How we helped:

  • Purchased a web domain.
  • Set up G Suite, a suite of cloud computing and collaboration tools, which we use at Yellow Door, to connect with our colleagues wherever they are, create, store and share files, while safely and easily managing users, devices and data security.
  • Wrote website copy that is concise, consistent, informative and SEO friendly.
  • Created a simple website that is user-friendly and beautiful, to ensure an outstanding user experience.

Mobi Yogi

How we helped:

  • Gave strategic input on how to position the brand online.
  • Created a simple website that is user-friendly and beautiful to ensure outstanding user experience.

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