Amazing Spaces

Strategic Marketing Workshop

The Client

Amazing Spaces is renowned for offering a wide range of never-been-used-before unique homes to the discerning traveller; amazing spaces for shoots and stills photography – including offices, modern homes, gardens, classic homes, and even restaurants – and a bespoke service that fulfills their client’s lifestyle needs and income opportunities in residential properties.

The Challenge

Improving quality leads was their number one goal going into the workshop. So we addressed questions such as: How can the content be improved? What other suggestions can we make to improve leads and bookings, and how can we reposition Amazing Spaces to all the different segments within their industry? What differentiating factors can we highlight, to stand out from competitors?

The Solution

After our discovery workshop, we agreed on ways to improve all areas within the current scope with Yellow Door, provided suggestions that could be implemented internally, and added recommendations on other avenues to explore that could assist in generating leads. We compiled a list of items to be implemented immediately and recommended that we do a full audit of their website so we have clarity on areas we could improve on. A marketing strategy does not start and end with content, it is how you plan everything around the content that matters as well – so taking a holistic view, having a practical action plan and then lots of feedback loops to track progress.
Image of kitchen and outdoor open plan
Image of the main bedroom with windows and view of garden

The Feedback

“The Yellow Door team led us through a process that resulted in tangible and exciting ideas, who would own them, and how we would execute them. We left feeling inspired and excited!”

Julia Finnis-Bedford

Amazing Spaces Founder and Director.

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