Marketing Partnership

The Client

If you haven’t been to Asara, you’re in for a treat. It’s an award-winning wine estate and 5-star Hotel in the heart of The Cape Town Winelands, known for breath-taking views and incredible food and wine.

The Challenge

Our brief was two-fold on this project: to work on the internal marketing strategy and the customer-facing one. So first up we allocated time to just understanding the brand and company culture. Our objective here was to identify ways to improve internal communication. Next, we mapped out what was needed to create a holistic strategy to support the vision for the next chapter of the business journey – for the hotel, winery, and restaurants. The underlying goal was to help the Asara team achieve excellence in all that they do.

The Solution

Over a six-month time period, we visited Asara every week, met with key role players, experienced all the brand has to offer first-hand and:

  • Interviewed 30 staff members to understand the brand, challenges, and what could be improved on.

Created a three-part strategy which:

  • Unpacked core values and developed a brand guide,

  • identified industry experts to partner with/ provide training,

  • created a marketing and communication plan, covering the brand, website, newspaper, newsletter, social media, PR, video, communication with guests.
Asara PureGin Festival

The Feedback

“This was one of my favorite projects as it was a complex brief, intellectually challenging and despite being a world-class established brand, there was lots of scope for improvement and creativity from our team.”

Emma Donovan

Strategist & new Business Director

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