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Can building country specific websites help your business?

Using country specific websites to target business segments and increase website traffic – a case study.

The client:

Cara Saven Wall Design aims to make the world a little more beautiful with the help of custom designed wallpaper, canvases, framed prints and vinyls. Launched in 2006, Cara Saven offers a complete service, from design to installation. Servicing clients in South Africa and around the world, their international footprint makes Cara Saven Wall Design a trusted brand, crafted with quality, care and commitment.

The project:

We were tasked to update Cara Saven Wall Design’s existing South African website and create country specific websites for the USA and the Netherlands. We did this by using the WPML language translation plugin to create a US English and Dutch version of the site and ultimately allow control over which content is shown on which site without having to manage more than one product list.


The main objective was for Cara to be able to target specific market segments, build her international brand presence and increase traffic to her website, thereby increasing the number of enquiries and ultimately her sales.


The country specific websites help Cara to target her segments of the market by:

  • Directing enquiries straight to the applicable sales representative within each country, thereby streamlining her operations.
  • Providing country-specific detail, which could be integrated into the individual sites, e.g. centimetres vs. inches.
  • Implementing targeted SEO strategies per region.
  • Translating the website into country-specific languages.
  • Adjusting the product offering for each market. Cara is now able to build strategic product ranges for each region.

For the period 1 April – 31 May 2019 vs the same period in 2020:

  • Total users increased by 56% (from 2889 to 4520 users)
  • Users in the USA increased by 414% (from 194 to 999 users)
  • Users in the Netherlands increased from 0 to 213 users

What we learnt:

Through developing country specific web pages, Cara Saven Wall Design is able to create targeted sales and operational strategies. This allows them to streamline their business activities and increase traffic to their website, while increasing their brand presence internationally. At Yellow Door we learnt that through strategically segmenting a client’s customer base online, one can effectively reach new audiences and ultimately influence the trajectory of the client’s business.  

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