Conservation Travel Africa

A marketing audit case study



Conservation Travel Africa is dedicated to bridging the gap between wildlife conservation and community development. They use responsible tourism and unique volunteer experiences to raise awareness and support for the preservation of Africa's wildlife.


– To give an external perspective on current marketing efforts
– To identify what’s working, what’s not and how to get better results within the current budget


– Gave feedback on how to improve on current marketing efforts. For example: a more consistent style on Instagram, and more video content.
– Identified what’s not working, and how to fix it. For example: ways to reach volunteers and engage with influencers
– Provided examples of content with a revised tone and style
– Offered suggestions on what to outsource. For example: video testimonials and an on-site SEO audit
– Shared time saving and productivity tips. For example: use Planoly to schedule Instagram posts

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"Yellow Door’s marketing audit gave us an invaluable insight into our current branding, social media and online activities. Their identification of our business challenges and suggestions for solutions and strategic improvements far exceeded our expectations. They have enabled us to focus on our core areas and develop an ongoing action plan. As an agency, we have found them to offer a great mix of creativity, professionalism and personal touches."
Jane Palmer
Conservation Travel Africa


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