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Die Woud

A strategy case study


Die Woud

Die Woud is a reputed and beautiful venue in Caledon, creating unique events for both individuals and companies seeking a novel and unforgettable experience.


  • Clarify the Die Woud brand positioning
  • Identify ways to raise awareness that the venue can host other functions
  • List ways to improve the website
  • Create a detailed three-month strategy


  • Completed competitor and benchmark research
  • Drafted list of alternative functions
  • Identified and detailed target market segments
  • Created key messaging per platform
  • Completed a full website audit
  • Brainstormed extensive list of blog post topics

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Team feedback

"Putting together a detailed marketing strategy for Die Woud was a great deal of fun. I especially enjoyed conceptualising creative ways in which this amazing venue can be utilised going forward."
Kirsten Meintjes
Project manager


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