Harry's Juice

Year 2019

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Harry’s Juice is a small, sustainably focused local business selling 100% citrus fruit cold-pressed and served in recycled glasses, in the form of both juices and shots. Harry’s Juice is, in the true sense of the word, real juice – with none of the additives or pseudo-logic in many other juice brands.



Harry, as the sole owner of Harry’s Juice, already had his hands full with the production and supply side of the business. He needed help with the content creation and social media style side of the brand: which is where Yellow Door came into the picture. 

IG hand-drawn logo


We strategised, designed and executed Harry’s Juice brand identity to ensure strong brand association for the brand’s 2019/ 2020 summer campaign. We drew the logo from scratch, along with designing the remaining brand elements. We also put together a comprehensive brand guide, focusing on tips to use social media effectively. We look forward to giving on-going strategic support as the brand evolves.

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“I absolutely love working with Yellow Door Collective! It's a really safe space to discuss new ideas - the team is extremely friendly and welcoming - and they offer a really nuanced understanding of the work that they do, as well as a broad understanding of market needs and strategic advice. I would (and do) recommend them to anyone looking to expand their business's reach and value!”
Harry Danckwerts
Harry's Juice


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