How do you work with multiple course authors to feed into one holistic brand identity?

Empanda is a leader in the online learning and course creation space, helping businesses to create courses that add value to their customers lives, as well as enhance their own companies’ brand identities. Empanda’s flagship online learning platform, Juno, allows companies to create and host their own online learning experiences with the help of the experienced Empanda team of content creators, instructional designers and learning experts. Empanda also acts as an umbrella brand – a mothership of sorts – that supports individual course creators and authors, all of which use the Empanda brand to facilitate and market their courses.

Although the Emapnda offering is strong and incredibly valuable to companies looking to take their online learning experiences to the next level, the Empanda brand message needed clarity and the brand itself needed a boost in the right direction.

The Yellow Door team was tasked with completing a full audit of Empanda’s website and social media platforms to understand the current messages that customers were interacting with and where Empanda as the mothership company could draw on its own brand identity to further support its authors. Overall, our strategy team needed to help Empanda clarify its messaging, streamline its approach to marketing and help create an overarching holistic brand image to steer Empanda and its authors forward, together.

If you know our Yellow Door team you’ll know how much we love bringing people together – and that’s exactly what we did with Empanda. After completing a full audit, we researched and strategised how the various arms of the Empanda identity could come together to stand as a strong, holistic, single entity. We ran a series of strategy workshops to present our findings, and teach the Empanda team how to understand and add value to their customer segments, create social media content that is relevant to their customers and on-brand, and how to measure their marketing efforts to better inform their decisions and future marketing strategy.


What a lovely team! We have so enjoyed working with Yellow Door Collective. They quickly understand our needs and requirements. Assess, simplify and unify the brands and delve into our website to optimise our content to speak directly to our offerings and services.

Kerry Stuart


Head of Sales at Empanda

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