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2020 - present

One of the world’s top 3 casting directors, Kayos, are industry leaders who find the right talent for commercials on behalf of global brands. Having cast over 5000 adverts, they are globally renowned for their passion and experience, and innovative approach to the industry, including their recent development of a virtual casting studio.

Known as the leading casting directors in Cape Town and Johannesburg, Kayos has no trouble catching the eye of the local film industry, but there is more to the Kayos brand than seen through the viewfinder that just wasn’t been seen in the international market.

Yellow Door was tasked with bringing the story of Kayos and it’s innovative Virtual Casting Studio into the spotlight amidst the pandemic. Kayos needed to communicate that their Virtual Casting Studio was open, lockdown proof, and easy to understand. Social media needed to be used to grow brand awareness and to display this uniquely peaceful and humanised brand. With fewer castings for a number of months under lockdown, we had to use our time wisely to strengthen the brand’s online presence while they prepared for their next season.

How do you strengthen a top casting company’s online presence during a pandemic?

Kayos needed to pave the way forward for the film and entertainment industries to excel amidst COVID-19 and contribute meaningfully to an industry conversation.

With brand awareness as the target, our team started the project by building a strategy document which mapped out competitors and benchmarks, blog posts, social media and campaign ideas, social media content and evergreen articles. We then set out to write and design branded social media content that focused on increasing engagement with Kayos’ audience in an authentic way.



Organic social media content can only get a brand so far, so we designed and staged social media ads targeted at Kayos’ target audience both locally and abroad to attract more like-minded industry professionals. To bring it home, our content creatives and website gurus teamed up to write, design and execute a Squarespace website page to promote the Kayos Virtual Studio.

We work hard to convert content into sales for our clients and we relish discovering new ways to reach our client’s targets in authentic ways. Working on Kayos taught us the importance of making content educational, informative and curated as opposed to taking the ‘sell, sell, sell’ approach. Our team drew value from executing a holistic approach, not only to content creation but also to building on strategic skills aimed at targeting a number of different audiences in a cohesive way.

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The Kayos team are open-minded, creative, and willing to give their input without trying to take control. Above and beyond learning a huge amount about the casting director industry, the team have taught me how authentic and unique a brand can really be.



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