Kumba Stationery Mockup

Kumba combines the sophistication of Europe with the vivid colours and patterns of Africa, to create a hub of culture and a gallery that supports local artisans.


Esther approached Yellow Door to create a corporate identity and website for the launch of Kumba, to give this stylish yet wholesome brand an online habitat.


In collaboration with designer Steph Pope, we brought this vision to life. The logo incorporates a Batonga stool, and has clean lines and a bold font, which makes it strong yet refined. The colour palette on the website really brings the brand to life, and gives a sense of the warmth you will experience when you visit Kumba.

What we enjoyed most

Working with people as talented and creative as Esther is always a treat. She has the most incredible eye for beautiful and unique designs, and a way of bringing an eclectic mix of things together to create something magical.

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