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Launchpad Angola offers shared work space, as well as concierge and consulting services in a professional, community driven setting in Luanda. Their goal is to create happy work days at every stage of the business journey, from entrepreneurs launching a start-up to senior executives working remotely for large corporations.


Our goal was to give the Launchpad team an external perspective on their marketing efforts and to conceptualise a high level strategy to position the brand. We were tasked to identify what was working, where there was room for improvement and advise how to streamline their approach to get better results through the available marketing platforms, focusing on social media.


We audited Launchpad’s current marketing efforts and hosting a 2 hour strategy workshop, where we focused on the brand and how best to strategically use marketing platforms, such as social media, PR and newsletters. Through this we were able to develop a detailed strategy document on the brand and how best to implement the recommended marketing plan, with tips and suggestions. This action plan is what makes this process so valuable for clients, as they can execute the quick wins immediately, and map out their next 6 – 12 months.

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Team feedback

“We loved working with the Launchpad team, as they were enthusiastic and involved throughout the project. The workshop was a great platform to brainstorm and plan a marketing strategy together. I particularly enjoyed developing a practical marketing plan, tailored to their specific business requirements.”
Debbie Hall
Project Manager


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