me•mi Jewellery

2018 - 2019


me•mi Jewellery is a personalised jewellery store situated in the heart of Cape Town. Designing individualised pieces made to order, from the highest quality materials, a custom me•mi piece is the obvious choice of gift for a variety of special occasions.


The me•mi team came to us just before they relaunched their brand to the market with a new website and a new, younger target market in mind. They needed help positioning the brand in the online space and identifying ways to raise awareness about the newly renovated website and branding.


  • Performed a SWOT analysis
  • Created a detailed three-month marketing strategy
  • Identified key target market segments
  • Suggested key messaging to focus on for each digital platform
  • Listed possible blog post topics and wrote them over a 6 month period
  • Submitted a comprehensive website audit and implemented changes
  • Performed on-site SEO and improved ranking on Google
  • Generated an increase in sales through promotions and competition campaigns

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"The me•mi strategy was a fun project as the personalised jewellery is so unique. The launch of the new website went off smoothly with a big push for sales over Spring weekend. The project was not without its challenges as the market for luxury goods in the current economy is not great at the moment but the brand is innovative and we are doing everything we can to push those sales leading up to the Christmas rush."
Project manager


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