My Dietitian Perth

A website case study


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Founded by Tanya Coelho in Perth, Australia, My Dietitian Perth is a private nutrition and dietetic practice. She provides professional and personalised nutrition advice to people of all ages, and with different conditions.


Tanya launched her business and needed a website to be its online home. We were tasked with selecting a relevant WordPress theme and setting up hosting. We were required to design the banners, icons and each page layout, as well as create content for and develop the website, and implement on-page SEO.


  • A responsive, stylish website which is the online home of the brand
  • Online booking forms
  • Social media plugins


“Thank you to the amazing team at Yellow Door for their outstanding work in the development of my website. I was really impressed by the professionalism and dedication of all team members involved. The website created for my business is of the highest quality and would like to thank Emma & Dom for all the time they spent setting up meetings for an international client as myself. I will definitely be using their services again in the future & will highly recommend them to others.”
Tanya Coelho
My Dietitian Perth

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