A website case study



OPEN is an access management system developed by Jacquis Tolsma to allow property owners and businesses to access their properties through an app on their phone or a keypad – enabling them to forget their keys.


  • Change the website theme and build a new website which tells the OPEN story
  • Design the website with various target markets in mind
  • Build an online store to sell the products
  • Update copy and imagery
  • Integrate with various third parties (including Mailchimp, PayGate and Google maps)


  • Developed a fast, mobile-responsive website that caters to the relevant target markets
  • Designed the user experience and ensured that the online shop was user friendly and worked seamlessly
  • Ensured that the website tracked views via Google Analytics

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“Building a brand can easily feel like being caught at sea in a storm - but for the Yellow Door team it’s like wind in their sails! Their energy, wisdom and flexibility to create not only our online identity, but also give life to @forgetyourkeys has been foundational. Thanks to the whole team.”
Jacquis Tolsma