Content Creation

The Client

PNA is an established South African franchise brand driven to provide quality products at the best prices for its customers across an extensive range of stationery, arts and crafts items, and educational books. As a market leader in the retail industry, PNA is best known for its conveniently located stores, great customer service and its promotion of family values.

The PNA brand name is a household name in South Africa and is respected as one of the leading one-stop-shop for stationery and craft products. The nature of a stationery franchise means stores often need to promote themselves in their local communities to gain traction and sustain loyalty.

The Challenge

We were asked to take ownership of the Plumstead, Observatory, Rondebosch and Meadowridge stores’ social media management to help them maximise their online presence in order to drive foot traffic into their stores and boost sales.

The Solution

To encourage foot traffic into the Plumstead, Observatory, Rondebosch and Meadowridge PNA stores, our team works month to month on social media content calendars, copy and design for social media posts, and digital advertising to increase engagement and keep PNA top of mind.

Our content creation for organic social media strategies means we keep the PNA brand name flying high with branded, curated content that is tailored to the target audience. We also connect PNA stores directly with their loyal customers with SMS campaigns, and increase their reach to potential customers through targeted paid social media advertising.

Working with a stationery brand helped us adapt our creative thinking skills to create content that was both interesting and captivating, but also powerful enough to drive customers into their stores. We also learnt the value of good relationships. It is rare to have a client who goes so out of their way to collaborate with us and we’ve learnt that good clients aren’t simply about providing the right information or giving approval on time. Good clients are more than numbers and deliverables: it’s about the people.

The Feedback

We at the PNA group of stores have always been excited to work with Yellow Door. We find their team to be creative and proactive and have a great understanding of our business which results in great intuitive social media content.


PNA Manager

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