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How do you get people talking about your brand?

One of our strategies is to partner with influencers who are authentic and align with brands they believe in.

Why? Because they are likely to have a loyal and engaged fan base, who aspire to be like the influencer, and trust their opinions. When we first met with Trevor Brewer from Solenco, the brief was to get media exposure for their brand. Solenco provides solutions for a healthier living and working environment, with top quality dehumidifiers, air purifiers, evaporative coolers and more.

With any PR campaign, the trick is to find the angle. What is going to capture the attention of journalists and influencers?

The campaign happened to coincide with the start of lockdown for COVID-19, which made our lives even trickier, and our usual processes went out the window! Leaning in to our adaptability value, we came up with a new plan, and focused on their CF8500 Air Purifier – which is ideal to keep viruses and bacteria at bay.

As well as pitching this media release to relevant publications and securing coverage (in Baba en Kluter Magazine and Stuff Magazine), we partnered with two key influencers, as a way to tap in to specific segments of their target audience: cyclists training at home, and parents of young children. And this is what Travis Barrett and Candice Turner had to say:


We used Yellow Door Collective to run our PR campaign to expand the marketing of our air purifiers. As a result we saw an increase in sales by over 200% through our own website. We also saw an increase in visitors to our website enquiring about the units and how they can be used to make one’s living or working environment healthier. I would certainly recommend them!

Trevor Brewer



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