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SOZO South Africa

A website case study



Sozo South Africa is part of the International Bethel Sozo Network, a unique inner healing and deliverance ministry.


  • To redesign their current website, giving it a fresh and modern feel
  • Develop a fast, mobile-responsive website
  • To make large amounts of information available on the site, without it being cluttered and hard to navigate


  • WordPress-based website with a clean design and visible calls-to-action
  • Easy to use on desktop and mobile phones
  • Tutorial to upload blog posts and make basic changes to the site

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“The Sozo SA team thoroughly enjoyed working with the YDC team. They were attentive to our needs and ideas, and went to great length to give us the website we wanted. We are very happy with the end result and enjoyed working with them!”
Janine Langheim
Yellow Door Collective


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