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The Stellar Effect

A strategy case study



The Stellar Effect is South Africa’s first podcast production house, also offering storytelling workshops and short film creation. They have a unique, friendly voice and use all the tools in their bag to help brands find their own.


  • To solidify what the brand stands for, who the target audience is and how to communicate this effectively
  • To conceptualise a marketing strategy that encompasses all relevant platforms


  • Hosted a workshop
  • Created a holistic marketing strategy and content plan
  • Created brand guide
  • Set up social media
  • Created Mailchimp template

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'What a joy it is to be working with Yellow Door! They are an agency who does what they say they do and they do it with excellence and so much care! We have been so impacted by their genuine and professional approach to our brand The Stellar Effect. I would highly recommend working with them - you will not be sorry!'
Carol Williams


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