The Wellness Web

A marketing audit case study


Steph Herscovitz from The Wellness Web is a kinesiologist based in Perth. Her vision is to positively influence human connection and inspire happier homes.


  • To give an external perspective on current marketing efforts
  • To identify what’s working, what’s not and how to get better results within the current budget


  • Gave detailed feedback on what’s working, and how to improve on these positive marketing efforts. For example: make the calls-to-action on the website clearer and more prominent
  • Identified what’s not working, and how to fix it. For example: Facebook ads were needed to reach the right segments of the target audience
  • Provided examples of content with a revised tone and style. For example: a Facebook post that was informative yet still friendly and engaging, encouraging the reader to book an appointment online
  • Offered suggestions on what to outsource. For example: 1-minute videos and Google Ads
  • Shared time saving and productivity tips. For example: use Canva to create beautiful images quickly and simply, to go with all social media posts

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“I thoroughly enjoyed going through the marketing audit process with Yellow Door and found it truly invaluable for my business - The Wellness Web in Perth, Australia. It gave me new inspiration, ideas and direction and it is something that I would have been unlikely to do myself, purely because of being time poor running my own business. Having a holistic marketing strategy is something that often gets pushed to the side, yet it should be a priority in every business and doing this process reminded me of that. I am excited to get going with all the new ideas and the plan that we have come up with together. It was really refreshing having someone from outside the business look in and give me constructive feedback. Thank you to the Yellow Door team!”
Steph Herscovitz
owner of the Welness Web


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