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Umthunzi Farming Community aims to economically empower small-scale urban farmers in low-income areas in Cape Town. They assist farmers with marketing, sales and distribution of organic produce as well as business skills development.


Co-founders Kim and Emma asked us to help them define key messaging and how to engage with each target audience segment across different platforms.


We identified 4 main content pillars, and divided the target audience in to 3 distinct segments (individual buyers, retailers and wholesale clients). Using the right platforms, tone and content are all key factors when it comes to engagement and building a loyal fan base, so we focused on different campaign ideas for the website, blog, Instagram, Facebook, a newsletter and PR. We also drafted and pitched a media release to relevant radio, print and online publications.

What we enjoyed most

We loved meeting the Umthunzi team, volunteering at their pack shed and coming up with practical ways to support this incredible organisation. We encourage you to be a part of this local, sustainable food revolution
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Feedback from the co-founder

"We are so very grateful for the work you've done with us for the past few months, thank you. I fully fully intend to use everything you and your team worked on to help us improve our comms strategy."
Kim Bloch


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