We Are NNB

Strategic Marketing Workshop

The Client

There are a lot the letters NNB could stand for. Nota nota bene. Never not ballin’. It’s quite a fun exercise, to be honest. But it really comes from their guiding “no-name brand” philosophy: to create high-quality video content that looks good and works hard, without all the frilly bits that eat into your already-tight budget. Simple. Affordable. Brilliant. Three words they’ll hang their (beautifully branded) service production hats on, any day of the week. With decades of experience, they’ve seen it all. They’ve made mistakes, learned the hard lessons, and mastered the part-art-part-science of the production process.

The Challenge

We Are NNB wanted to make sure that everything they advocate for and do for clients is visually felt through their communication platforms. They realised that an external strategic partner would be the most effective way to achieve this as they are so close to their own brand, and this is where we at Yellow Door stepped in.

The Solution

We had a 90-minute discovery session to address their current pain points, providing them with a priority list to take a step toward what success looks like for them, and to ensure each team member will hold each other accountable.

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