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Our designers were tasked with creating a new brand design for the CheesePOD that not only stood on its own but connected to the ideals and values of the holding Wild Peacock brand. The branding and logo design needed to be polished, modern and simple – a combination of elements that would allow the cheese range to take centre stage.

Wild Peacock was established in 1991, supplying high quality seafood to the Western Cape’s top restaurants. Since then, the brand has become known as one of the leading suppliers of artisanal and exotic ingredients for professional chefs and food aficionados alike.

The Wild Peacock cheese collection is a one of a kind, with iconic cheese from the best cheesemakers in the country, and hard to come blocks by small, artisan producers. Passionate about quality foods and inspired by the journeys of small producers and local suppliers, Wild Peacock now has a dedicated cheese shop at Makers Landing in the V&A Waterfront called the CheesePOD by Wild Peacock.

Our team of creative strategists and designers kicked off the design project with a brainstorming session to get clear on the direction of the brand and to find inspiration to guide the look and feel of the CheesePOD logo. Drawing on the shapes and forms of cheese blocks and wheels, combined with modern logo design trends, we opted for a clean typeface to communicate simplicity and quality, and manipulated the font into a circle to replicate the shape of a cheese wheel. The word ‘POD’ also reminds the viewer of stacked pots and pans, and wheels of cheese, linking back to the overarching values of quality food and the enthusiasm for cooking that Wild Peacock holds dear.


We enjoyed working with Wild Peacock to design a logo for the launch of their CheesePOD. The challenge was to create a logo for the ‘POD’, which would be an extension of their core brand, but which could be applied to multiple food categories in stand alone venues, starting with cheese, but possibly expanding to other categories such as seafood. We did this by aligning the new POD design with their Wild Peacock brand guidelines, and love the result!



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